Hello Fall.....

I Love Fall!! Not just because of the beautiful fall colours, cooler air and pumpkin spice everything. It always feels like a fresh new start. New season, new school year, another chance to get it right.

Each new season is a chance to set new goals, get organized, pursue dreams. New mindset, new focus, new intentions, new results. A new chance to create the life you imagined. A new chance to evolve into a stronger, healthier version of you. Maybe you are ready to change directions, start something new, leave something old. Fall is a great time to begin again.

Clean up your living space. Declutter your home. Purge your closet. Get rid of items that you don't

need, that just weigh you down. Fall cleaning always makes me feel like I'm getting rid of all the accumulated "dirt" from past seasons. Redecorate, This is another reason I love fall so much. It's the beginning of decorating seasons. You can refresh a room by just adding a new throw or pillows in crisp new colours. A sign with a new inspirational quote. Cozy warm candles. Create a space you don't want to leave.

Reflect and forgive things that went wrong. I have learned how to forgive myself and others, which wasn't easy. We aren't perfect, we make mistakes. The big take away from past mistakes is what we have learned from them. How can we make changes. A bad season doesn't equate a bad life. Revisit or make new goals. Setting goals can be stepping stones to a happier life. They can be big or small, just having them can give us a sense of purpose. Create a life you want to live.

Self-care. This is so important. Self care isn't selfish. It encourages you to have a more positive relationship with yourself. Do things for you. Take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Develop better sleep patterns, eat healthier, get more exercise. Connect with friends, buy yourself flowers, take that hot bubble bath, or even light a candle and just sit. Create the things that make you smile.

Embrace the new season.

Find warmth.

Create joy.

Get cozy!

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