Updated: May 3, 2020

It's hard to hate something that saves so many lives, but life on tamoxifen is a dark painful journey. It steals away your quality of life. It leaves you depressed, overweight and in pain. I've spent a lot of time trying to find remedies that help with side effects, nothing seems to work. I actually think it gets worse the longer I take it. I keep my fingers crossed that the debilitating side effects this little pill causes are worth it. It's a hard decision to weigh, to try to extend your life at a cost of what the quality of life will become.

..Weight Gain....omg!! I've gained about 25 pounds since diagnosis. I need to get it off. Being all rollie pollie definitely doesn't help with the depression caused by tamoxifen. So this is going to be my first goal. Maybe losing a few pounds will also help with the joint pain. I'm starting with adding 20 minutes a day on the treadmill followed by one workout from the 7M Woman workout app.

Apparently science has proven that working out for even just 7 minutes has health benefits. 7M has different levels and workouts for each body part. They have from stretching and beginner friendly workouts to HIIT. Tailor to fit your needs. They are pretty easy to follow, and have short clips to explain the exercise if you need help....and it's free!! Check it out.

..Joint Pain...that is the debilitating part. I can only be on my feet for about an hour before the pain starts. If I push it for too long, I will pay with extreme pain in the evening and a sleepless night. I'm learning to stop fighting this. I've been taking magnesium, but I'm not seeing much of a difference. I've heard glucosamine can help. I will be adding that soon. I will let you know how that goes.

..Mood.... Tamoxifen sure messes with your emotions. I'm pretty lucky, and only have "tamoxifen days" as I call them. I try to stay positive and remind myself that the alternative is way worse. There are many days that I just want to throw away the pills and get my life back. But then I remember the days of chemo, I also don't want to relive those days. So I keep taking that tiny pill, knowing it hurts me but also saves me. xox

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