So now what??!...

I've spent the last year trying to get my "life" back. For some crazy reason, I thought it would be much easier. I'm not even sure what part of my life I want back.

I've been trying to return to work. I think I thought that once I returned to work, cancer would be behind me. So I've been working hard, going to appointments everyday, trying to rebuild strength and energy. While doing this, I exhausted myself! I haven't lived at all in the past year. I'm still fighting. But...fighting for what? Why am I in such a hurry? My doctor reminded me that I can't heal, if I'm always running high on stress. I need to find ways to enjoy life in my new 'normal'. I need to find ways to cope with the side effect of Tamoxifen. I need to find the path for the new me.

I found this great article about life after cancer.

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