Mental Health Reset Challenge.

28 day Reset Challenge Using Self-Care

I'm not going to lie. I've been feeling pretty down lately. I seem to be in some kind of "feeling sorry for myself" slump, which I know is okay to do every now and again. It's a part of healing, processing what we've been through. Life hasn't been easy lately. I'm tired. I'm feeling frustrated that things aren't going the way I thought they would. I'm frustrated that I still have so much pain. Recovery from cancer treatment has been anything but typical. And I know I'm not alone!!

I've decided to create this reset challenge for those of us that need it. It's like a mini makeover for our mood. Whether you are feeling mildly stressed or dealing with something serious, each of these daily activities can help us to feel more balanced, promote better well being and reduce stress. Making tiny changes in our day can help us feel happier, healthier and ready to take on each new day.

This challenge uses self-care activities. Self-care isn't selfish! Self-care helps everyone to feel happier. Setting aside a small bit of time everyday, can aid in the healing process and improve our outlook and mood. When we are emotionally and physically depleted, we are less able to control stress and anxiety. Taking time to self regulate and decompress can help us be more present in our day.

So join me in this 28 day challenge. Print out (PDF bottom of page) the February/28 day calendar. February is a month of hearts and love, what a perfect time to start loving ourselves again.


** Start a gratitude journal and try to write one thing each day that you are grateful for. One thing that makes you smile. The more we practice gratitude, the easier it is to find positive in every day.**

Create a new playlist. Whether it’s tunes to lift your spirits, or help you relax. Music has a way of quickly changing your mood.

Mindfulness and Meditation. Set out a few minutes. Make yourself comfortable. Tapping into your senses is a great way to ground yourself and be in the present moment. Move through each of your senses. What do you hear? What can you smell? How do you feel?

Buy yourself flowers. Or buy them for someone else. Fresh blooms always make people smile

Reconnect. Message 3 people you haven’t connected with lately. Can be as simple as a quick “thinking of you” message, or catching up on missed events. Friendships enrich your life and improve your health.

Take a long shower or bath. Add lots of bubble or bath salts. Light some candles, listen to a calming playlist, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine.

Declutter a space. Reorganize shelves, get rid of unused items, go through that stack of mail, fold that pile of laundry, throw out those old shoes. Studies have proven that clutter in our home can cause stress. If it doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it!

Learn something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a dance, or take a short course. Learn how to do flower arrangement, sign up for that photography course. Active learning exercises your brain. Being creative or artistic can leave you feeling more enthusiastic and happier.

Unfollow negative social media. Stop engaging in anyone's content that doesn’t make you feel good. Your feeds should be full of people and brands with uplifting content.

Do a favour for a friend or even a stranger. Volunteering your time, money or energy not only makes the world better, it makes you feel better. It is proven that helping others boosts happiness and health.

Do a hair/face mask. Find a home diy recipe or pick one up at the drugstore. Revitalize your hair and skin!

Clean out your email. Unsubscribe to unwanted mailing lists. Having a full inbox can have a subconscious impact on stress levels. It’s like a virtual decluttering.

Listen to a mental health podcast. People shift their mood to match the tones of the voice they are hearing. Que up an inspiring podcast.

Spend some time outside. Grab a coffee/tea and sit at a park or beach. Walk through some nature trails. Fresh air can boost your mood and energy.

Write a love letter to yourself. Write down the things that you love about yourself. This may be hard for many people. But it is worth reminding yourself of all the good in you.

Colour. Break out those crayons. Focusing on colouring is a form of meditation, which can help manage stress.

Buy yourself something you have been wanting. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe it’s a new scented candle, or that book you’ve heard about. A new scarf to freshen up your wardrobe. Spoil yourself today!

Compliment strangers today. This not only makes others feel good, it can also enhance your self confidence.

Try a breathing exercise. Focusing on your breath can take you from flight or flight mode and helps you to relax. My favourite lately is box breathing. It can reduce stress and calm mood, which is good for your body and mind.

Purge your closet. As Marie Kondo says, “if it doesn’t make you happy, it’s just taking up space". Creating space can help you to feel more relaxed. Plus, giving away clothing items to people who need them, is a feel good bonus.

Plan a playdate. (maybe virtually) Catch up with a friend. Have coffee, go for a nice walk, or my favourite, go for brunch! Researchers aren’t sure why, but having a strong social life seems to create protection against cognitive decline and lessens the risk of depression, social laughter releases endorphins.

Spend time on your favourite hobby. Or start a new one. Take an hour today to immerse yourself into whatever hobby gives you a boost. Feeling passionate about something can give you sense of purpose, which is something that can benefit mental health.

Indulge yourself with a special treat. Enjoying your favourite dessert can alter your mood to a higher level of happiness. So every now and again, eat the cake!!....guilt free.

Create silence and sit back. Light a candle. Relax. Just Be. Noise can effect your blood pressure, heart rate and sleep patterns.

Pay it forward. Put a little good karma into the world. Pay for the next persons coffee. Leave a compliment on a windshield. Leave a special treat on a neighbours doorstep. Little things can greatly change others circumstances. Random acts of kindness helps everyone grow.

Write 3 postive affirmations and stick them on your mirror. This can help change negative thought patterns to positive ones. Helps you to feel more positive about yourself.

Make a new meal. Find a new healthy recipe on Pinterest and make it for dinner tonight. Getting bored with meals can actually cause you to crave unhealthy food.

Tick something off that to-do list. Tackle those things that have been bugging you. Hem those pants. Fix that drawer handle. Sort your files. Having less things weighing on you mentally can make you feel a sense of accomplishment and less anxious.

Do something fun! Build a fort for movie night, check out your local museum, lunch/dinner with a friend, head out to the golf course. Make memories today!

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February reset challenge
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