Create A Morning You Can't Wait To Wake Up To.

I love mornings! I haven't always felt this way, but over the last few years I've created a morning routine that I absolutely love. I hated feeling rushed out the door. Snoozing until the last minute, with no time for breakfast but maybe a coffee in a travel mug if I was lucky. Starting the day with the feeling of stress was not the tone I wanted to carry with me for the rest of the day. The way you start your mornings can help determine whether it will be a good or bad day. Setting up healthy habits isn't easy, usually only bad habits form with the least resistance. But if you perform these positive habits everyday, they will become second nature. They will become your way of life.

I like to ease into the day with coffee and gratitude. These 2 things pair together perfectly. In order to do this, I wake up early so I can have "me time". It's my favourite part of the day. In the stillness of the morning it's easy to remind myself what I am grateful for. I like to list 5 positive things that happened the day before. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in all the negatives of the day, upset about the things that did or didn't happen, that we miss all the good things! They don't have to be big earth shattering events, just tiny little moments that make your heart smile. Maybe it was a phone call from a friend you haven't chatted with for a while, or maybe the sweet old man that held the door open for you. Maybe it was the heart shaped rock you found on your walk. That little boys laugh in the grocery store. Clean sheet day!!...maybe you are grateful for the feeling of fresh laundered sheets, this is one of my favourites. If you do this every morning, you will start to look for the good things throughout your day that you may not have seen before.

This is also the time I like to write here. Right now, I am all cozied up in my bed, with lots of pillows propping me up, my laptop and my coffee in one of my favourite mugs. The sun is starting to shine through my windows and I can hear the chirping of the birds. I luckily have a spouse that gets up even earlier than myself, so I can enjoy some of my mornings in here. Maybe for you it's that comfy chair by a fireplace, your office chair looking out the window, or outside with the fresh morning air. Find your spot, make yourself a coffee or tea in your special mug and enjoy some morning reflection.

I'm slowly learning to love to use this time for exercise as well. I will admit that this was super hard. I enjoy quiet relaxing mornings. Exercise is not relaxing. So I started out with gentle stretching. I was surprised how much better this made me feel. Just 10 quick minutes of stretching helped ease some of my morning aches. I wanted more. I started to try and get some morning walks in. This I absolutely loved. There's something about the newness of the early morning. Not a lot of noise or movement. Once this became a habit, I added my little home workout after my walk. I never thought this would be something I could achieve. I still enjoy my quiet time, I do that first. Adding exercise didn't take anything away from my morning. It only added energy and a sense of accomplishment.

I know for some people, the thought of getting up early when you are already sleep deprived does not sound inviting. But start off slow. Maybe 15 minutes at first, slowly increasing the time as you adjust. You will be more tired in the evenings, which may help you to get to bed earlier. Mornings don't have to be rough. Find what works for. Your perfect morning may not look the same as mine. But it is proven that a less chaotic morning makes for a more happy, productive and successful day. #winning

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